Make More Sales 2 Day Sales Intensive

Do any of the below describe you? 

An entrepreneur with a sales team and no sales process 

A solopreneur with no sales process

An entrepreneur who has never sold before, is new to sales and  has a business over 1 year old  


If you have answered yes, then my 2 Day Intensive is for you!



Is this you? 


You need to understand how sales work  

You need to understand the sales cycle

You are not making enough money 

You run into obstacles in sales that prevent you from taking a client through a process leading to a contract 

You don’t follow up 

You get nervous on phone calls to follow up 

You don’t know what to say at the meeting 

You don’t have enough leads.  

Day One

Understand & Recognize communication styles using DiSC™ model of human behavior
Motivators and Demotivators of your customers
Review your 23 page profile to better understand yourself, your customers, and your relationships
Understand how customers strengths and challenges influence their selling behaviors

Day Two

Learn confidence in giving your 30 second commercial
Understand how to navigate the gatekeeper
Learn how to generate more leads
Know how to increase quality referrals 
Learn the the sales cycle
Create a sales flow customized to your business

My 2 Day Intensive will train you to grow your business and empower you        to market yourself, leading to sales growth! Join me next time!                  

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