Jorgie’s Jargon- Sandbagging

Jorgie’s Jargon- Sandbagging

This weeks word is more of a slang sales term, but still one you will likely hear around, so it needs to be covered.  Sandbagging is the act on holding off on closing active deals (mainly toward month end) once you have hit your numbers for the month so that you can more easily hit your numbers for the next month. Let’s all be honest, we have each done this at least once in our careers. It’s not great to make a habit of but sometime we need to do what we need to do. The key is to keep your pipeline full enough that this is not something you need to do, but sometimes there are slower months.

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Jorgie’s Jargon- Sandbagging

Jorgie’s Jargon- Direct Mail

In today’s digital world, people are overwhelmed with email and do not mind getting the occasional piece of direct mail advertising. It comes as a welcomed change of pace. Direct Mail is a piece of mail, newsletter, postcard, flat promotional product that you send via USPS to your clients homes or places of business. These types of mailings give you a leg up on the competition by giving your potential client something tangible to remember you by.

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Jorgie’s Jargon- Sandbagging

Jorgie’s Jargon- Buyer Persona

Today’s word is one that goes along with one of my 8 C’s, Clarity to be specific.

Buyer Persona is a profile you create of your ideal customer. This profile is created based on your niche, combined with information about your existing customers. Once you have this persona created you can tailor your sales strategy to attract clients meeting the specific criteria. Within the 8C’s I teach clarity, which is where we breakdown how to identify your ideal customer.

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Jorgie’s Jargon- Sandbagging

Jorgie’s Jargon- Referrals

I hope you are having a productive start to your week. Tackle the big projects today and set yourself up for success for the rest of the week. Remember to get your networking in though, the people you meet out there can become huge advocates for your business. This brings us to today’s word; Referrals.

Having a network of people who will refer you will save you time and money. It is like having allies to protect your reputation with an added benefit of  increasing your sales. When a prospect comes to you via referral you have a much higher chance of closing the sale, and the lifetime value of a referred client is 16% higher than one that is not according to a statistic from the Wharton School of Business. Do you network regularly?

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Jorgie’s Jargon- Sandbagging

Jorgie’s Jargon- Whale

This week’s word is one we can all hope to land one day, it is the great sought after client.

A whale is a prospect that has potential to bring large monetary gain to a company. Whales are rare, and hard to pin down, and the decision makers generally have many strong gatekeepers. Most sales teams and management will pull out all the stops to land a whale, as they have potential to help meet the sales goals of not only that month, but potentially an entire quarter. Landing a whale is hard work, but well worth it!

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