My 2021 intention is to help as many of you as I can bring your sales to the next level through coaching in the new Sales Tribe Live, education and training. Have you ever been part of a conversation with terms being used and you were not completely certain of the meaning? Or have you had a general idea but could not explain it to another person? Of course, we all have!
Yes even me!
This is the reason for Jorgie’s Jargon! I will be sending you a term each week with the meaning and how it is applied in business. Let’s get to this week’s term! We hear the term business development everywhere, but what does it really mean? Google defines it as: the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.Ok, but what does that really mean?
Business Development is an all encompassing term for sales growth and relationship building. Think of business development as the top of your funnel. In the business development stage closing should not be the immediate goal, you need to develop (see what I did there?) the relationship and dig into the needs of the the potential client. Only once these needs are identified and addressed can you start looking to close (later).
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