This week I am highlighting another Black woman business pioneer.

Marjorie Joyner was the first African-American woman to create and patent a permanent hair-wave machine.  She began her career working as a sales representative for Madam CJ Walker. She worked her way up from Sales to training the stylists in door to door sales, to helping develop new products. She eventually went on to create, and patent her permanent hair wave machine.

Marjorie Joyner’s success can be looked at as an example of this week’s word!

The definition of cross-selling is  when a sales rep finds more than one solution that will help a particular customer. This can either happen at the time of the first purchase or later on once the sales rep has created a relationship with the customer.

Marjorie offered her wave machine to women who were already purchasing hair care products from her, she offered additional solutions.

Take a look at your product or service offering. Do you have multiple skillsets or products that can work for your clients? Are you telling your clients? You may have a whole new income stream you never realized!

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