I cannot believe we are about to close out first quarter this week, how was it for you? Mine was good, but you all know me by now, I never stop trying to level up. If you are looking for some help going into second quarter and beyond, register for my 2 Day Intensive happening this week, here, you will leave fully equipped to crush your goals and then some.

Now onto this week’s word.

I love discovery calls. These are the first calls you will have with your potential clients. They help you learn what you need to know about the person on the other end of the line.
With a discovery call, the focus is not to close the sale, though it does happen, this call is to get to know the prospect and identify pain points. This way you can strategize how your services can help relieve these pain points. These are your 15 minute calls after the initial touch where you work on your care story.

Need some guidance on what to ask during a discovery call? Let’s schedule a chat!