There is nothing greater than getting a good jump on the week ahead by accomplishing a large goal on a Monday. I do some of my most laborious tasks on Mondays, it gives me a huge boost to take on everything else that comes. If you have ever heard the term “eat the frog” this is exactly what I mean! (if you need a new book to read check out Eat That Frog)
Now let’s get on today’s word!

Forecasting is the act of estimating future sales so companies can make better business decisions and predict performance. Forecasts can be based on past sales data, industry comparisons, or economic trends. Companies will use this data to purchase inventory and even to cover staffing levels at peak times of year.
You can use forecasting to predict your workload and use it to gauge if and when you can take on more clients or if you need to bring on employees or a virtual assistant.

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