I hope you had a restful weekend and your day has been productive, I know we are all full steam ahead at the Jorgie Inc headquarters. Today’s term is one that I have noticed over the years people have a negative association with. It doesn’t have to be that way, this word, and what it means, isn’t scary and can be done in a tactful way.

Just remember when you enter into a negotiation, it’s just sales, and do not be nervous!!
Negotiation is a strategic discussion or bargaining process between parties with the goal of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.
This means you have a conversation with your client and discuss how to come to an arrangement that works for all parties. It’s simple. If your services are out of budget, is there a smaller offering that you can put together or can you extend the terms? There are answers to all objections in a negotiation, you just have to be creative.

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