I am sure you saw my social media post about Madam C.J. Walker, but I wanted to talk about her here as well. Also, if you didn’t make sure you are following me so you don’t miss anymore! 

While I am not going to tell you her whole story today, she is an amazing inspiration to me with how she excelled to become America’s first Black woman millionaire. 

Madam Walker succeeded in a time when Black women did not have much of a voice, but she found a way. She also paved the way for other Black women to excel as well, not only by employing them, but by empowering them by her example. A very key component in her success was finding her niche. 
She was able to reach to people who needed her product by knowing their struggle, which in this case was also part of her struggle. 

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This leads us to this week’s word, niche.

You’ve heard it. Niche down, niche down! You will draw in more clients when you know your niche. What is a niche? How do I know my niche? 

The definition of niche is: 
denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

So what does that mean? 

In Madam Walker’s case, it was “The Walker System” of hair care. This system was marketed directly to Black women to care for their hair after she experienced hair loss. She knew the struggle of her market was hair care and the lack thereof. She ceased this opportunity to develop a product that could help women out there with limited options.

You can apply these same principles now into your business. It may take some time to find your niche, but when you do, you will wonder how you ever missed it. 

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