As we chug along toward the end of the first quarter, are you close to meeting your goals? What plans do you need to put in place now that can help you achieve those goals if you are not in track? If you are on track AWESOME, now is the time to set higher goals and really level up for Q2. This week’s word is something we all do, probably more often than we realize.

Social selling is just that, selling, socially. This really refers to using social media to interact directly with prospects. When you provide value to your audience via whatever social channels you are on you are more likely to get the sale in the long run. Social selling is a very low pressure sales tactic and it helps your prospects really get a feel for who you are prior to ever having a conversation with you. This way by the time you get to the step in your sales process when you do have a conversation your prospect is more comfortable since they already know your voice.

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