Welcome to second quarter! We have reached the point of the year where you will start to see the fruits of your labor from Q1 payoff. All of those prospect calls you have made will become appointments. Q2 is where the magic happens. This week’s word shines light on something we should all have an eye on all year.

What is a Strategic Partner? A strategic partner is another business with which you form an agreement to share resources with the mission of growth and mutual success. There are different types of strategic partnerships. Try to think outside the box with these, you can have a partnership with someone in your field or someone completely different. A virtual assistant and a website developer for instance, both get a lot of referrals for one another, but what about a hairdresser and a counselor? People always unload on their hairdressers, when someone is having a tough time if that hairdresser has a counselor as a strategic partner, she can refer that business. Take a look at your network this week, who can you align yourself with? Use the example above as well, who is an out of the box partner for your business?

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