Welcome to week two of Jorgie’s Jargon. I hope you picked up a little knowledge last week and continue to learn from these. Let’s get into this week’s word.

Last Week I spoke about business development and to consider it “top of your funnel” and that may have left more than one of you thinking top of what? Funnel? What is a funnel?

Your sales funnel is your entire sales process from start to finish. The Top of the Funnel as I referenced is where the process begins. For you it is when you turn a lead into a qualified prospect. For the client it is the moving from awareness [of your product] to interest.

As a sales person you always want to keep a steady flow of leads into the top of the funnel because all leads do not become clients. Keeping the top full ensures that you should always have a qualified prospect to work through the rest of the funnel stages.

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