Do you want to increase your sales? Of course you do!

Ignite Your Sales Fire!

Have you felt this way?

You have a gift, talent, service, and your business BUT… need to learn how to get more money and close a sale. We offer support, motivation, and strategies to help you get that sale.

It is common for small business owners and entrepreneurs to have challenges with being a professional salesperson—on top of all of your other duties running your business. You’re not the only one who feels uncomfortable when it is time to pick up the phone to call the person you met networking. You’re also not the only one who gets nervous when it comes time to close the deal.

What you need is Sales Tribe Live!

Sales Tribe Live is a business resource for challenges that rise as an entrepreneur or business owner; a partner in accountability and a community where you are safe to learn and grow your business. Sales Tribe Live will help you have a more productive schedule, increase appointments, and improve your productivity.

When you join Sales Tribe Live, here’s what you can expect:

  • Weekly Zoom calls with your Sales Tribe
  • Q & A and Training Sessions
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Access to affiliate partner introductions
  • Accountability check-ins

Sales Tribe Live is for you if:

  • Have a great product or business, but don’t have the contacts
  • Don’t have enough events or appointments on your
    calendar per week to reach your projected revenue
  • Have a desire to be known in your community and
    have influence to increase sales/make an impact
  • Want to know what to say to build partnerships
    and collaboration with businesses
  • Get nervous when someone asks you what you do

Sales Tribe Live is your connection to leadership, networking, and exponential business growth.

About Your Host:

Jorgie Franks

With over 20 years of experience in sales, community involvement and helping businesses grow, Jorgie is here to help you expand your possibilities.

Sales Tribe Live


charged on a monthly basis

Ready to Scale? More Yeses Coming

Most business owners say they hate sales…In reality, they love sales they just don’t love the process of selling because of various reasons.

During our time in Sales Tribe Live we will be working on all of these reasons to overcome them and use them to our advantage.

I guarantee that your competition is not putting this to work in their business!

  • Weekly Zoom call with your Sales Tribe
  • Call Focus: Accountability and Training
  • Opportunity to join call live
  • Recorded calls
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Access to affiliate partner introductions
  • Accountability check-ins